Hello, I have now returned from France and am back in England! However, I haven’t finished writing about the wildlife I found out there, so the next few entries will likely still be about the animals that I encountered in France. Once I have completed the South of France posts I will start writing about British … More England!!

Cricket by the Bed

Quite a short post today about how I came across a gorgeously green Saddle-Backed Bush Cricket in the South of France.  It had reached that time again where we’d said goodnight and were all retreating to our bedrooms, when my Dad’s head appeared from the stairwell that leads to my room. In a similar fashion … More Cricket by the Bed

Beaver on the bank

The European Beaver (Castor fiber) I had never seen a beaver before, until yesterday. We were driving back from the lovely small town of Villeneuve and decided to go through the petit ville that is Salles Courbaties to check the place out. Whilst on the way out we drove parallel to a delightful little stream, … More Beaver on the bank

Hello world!

Welcome to Zoology Notes: While I live in England, I am currently on holiday in the South of France (Midi pyrenees) where I have been able to find, observe and photograph an awesome variety of animals. Which incidentally is what sparked the idea of this blog. I have been here since the 1st of August … More Hello world!