Cricket by the Bed

Saddle-back bush cricket (Ephippiger sp.)

Quite a short post today about how I came across a gorgeously green Saddle-Backed Bush Cricket in the South of France. 

It had reached that time again where we’d said goodnight and were all retreating to our bedrooms, when my Dad’s head appeared from the stairwell that leads to my room. In a similar fashion to the Scutigera situation, with my brother, he told me to grab a tub and follow him. I hastily gathered my collection pot and a camera and went to his room, where sitting on the wire of his bedside lamp was a rather large, beautifully green cricket!

Found sitting on the cable of the lamp by my Dads head.
Found sitting on the cable of the lamp by my Dad’s head.

Later identified as a Saddle-Backed Bush Cricket (Ephippiger sp.), it was discovered due to it making a pretty loud noise right by my Dads ear. I had never seen a cricket quite as big or as green, it really was an awesome find. I photographed him, caught him, released him and took a few more pictures. These lovely crickets can be found throughout Europe and can be heard making quite a racket at night. They have small wings on their back which are not functional for flying and are only used to make their sound. Bush crickets are Katydids (belonging to the family Tettigoniidae), they have large hind legs and incredibly long, thin antennae. The females also have a long, upward curving egg laying structure (called the ovipositor).

Another awesome find from a family member’s bedroom to add to my South of France collection. While I’m sure many people find it hard to describe a cricket as “beautiful”, this one really was quite stunning.

Saddle-back bush cricket (Ephippiger sp.)


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