Hey everyone,
Firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently, after France I was busy sorting things for my trip to Arizona and getting some University work done. I am currently in Arizona on a Herpetology field trip with my University, I’ve been here since Friday and so far it has been incredible. We have seen a huge variety of animals ranging from Rattlesnakes to spiders. The last couple of days have been incredibly busy and full on but I believe we may get a tad more ‘free’ time during the rest of the week. I will try and do some posts on the animals we are finding, they will likely be records of how we found them with bits of information on the species dotted about rather than the full on profiles. This is purely because of the sheer amount of species we are finding and the amount of time I have.

While our work mainly focusses on the Rattlesnakes, I am finding the invertebrate species incredibly interesting so I will post about those too. Anyway once again I am sorry for the lack of posts, it should pick up now and I hope you all enjoy the up coming entries about Arizona wildlife.


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