Trip to Treborth

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I took a trip to the local botanical gardens at Treborth in search of some amphibians. Due to the mild winter, we went to see if we could spot some of the toads emerging early. Sadly, we did not see any. This is likely to be because we’d had a week of colder weather.
However, it was certainly not a wasted trip because in one of the ponds we spotted two pairs of Common frogs (Rana temporaria) in amplexus, which was an awesome sight! One of the pairs was situated at the edge of the water nearest us and did not seem to mind all of the attention and photographs. This, rather funny, position involves the larger female floating in the water with the male gripping onto her. The male uses appendages known as nuptial pads to hang on.

Frogs in amplexus
Rana temporaria in amplexus at the edge of a pond.

Accompanying the frogs in the pond was a large amount of frogspawn.


Overall, despite the lack of toads, we had a pretty successful evening at Treborth and saw our first amphibians of the year. We will definitely be down there again soon to see if we can spot any newts and toads to go along with the frogs.


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