Cyriocosmus sellatus

Hello, it has been a very long time, i know. So here is just a quick post about my newer tarantula to, hopefully, get me back into writing posts.

I have been keeping a Pumpkin patch tarantula (Hapalopus sp) for a couple of years now (I’ll hopefully do a post on her at some point) and doing so has really sparked my love of keeping spiders. Sadly, due to me living in either uni halls or a small uni house, where I am currently, the amount of space I have is very limited. This means that I am unable to keep any of the mighty giants such as the Grammostola pulchra (which I would very much like) however, it has made me very interested in the dwarf tarantula species.

And so, not too long ago, I acquired a little Cyriocosmus sellatus spiderling, commonly known as the Peruvian Dwarf star. Curenrly at only around 1 cm in size and maximg out at a mere 5 cm (2 inches) it’s pretty tiny in comparison to the massive 20 cm Grammostola sp. But this does make them incredibly convenient to keep and they do grow into particularly attractive adults. Mine currently lives in a small ‘really useful box’ (fantastic for slings) and is kept at around 23 degrees C, using a simple heat mat controlled by a thermostat. It chows down on either, very small crickets or micro worms and is a pretty aggressive feeder, making it great to watch! I have also found that many dwarf species have reputations for being, on average, more active than many of the larger species, therefore, potentially making them more interesting to keep. Overall, it is an awesome little spider and I’m very much looking forward to it growing (it has molted once so far).

There we go, just a quick post about my recent spider addition. I look forward to when I am able to keep a much greater number of species, including some giant ones. However, until then I am rather enjoying keeping dwarf tarantulas and will hopefully acquire a couple more species, to my housemates delight I’m sure 😉




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