Zoology notes is, quite simply, a collection of my jottings as a zoologist.
Hi, I’m Matthew, I recently graduated with a masters in Zoology with Herpetology from Bangor University and have had a passion for wildlife my entire life. Zoology notes will be a blog (should be, assuming everything has gone to plan) containing records of creatures that I find, information on animals that I am particularly interested in, news from the world of zoology and a few tips and tricks that I pick up along the way. The aim of this blog is to encourage people to observe, study and enjoy the natural world.

While my main interests are Herpetology, Ornithology, Entomology and Arachnology (reptiles/amphibians, birds, insects and arachnids), I have a strong passion for all organisms from the tiniest invertebrates all the way up to the mighty Blue Whale. Therefore I intend to include posts on a huge variety of creatures, hopefully satisfying everyone’s interests as well as my own.

*Hello, a quick update for this page! If you have read the post about spider parenting this won’t be news to you, but I thought it would be best to add it here as well for when that post becomes old. Zoology notes is changing direction slightly, most of my posts have been about what I have been doing and the animals that I’ve been finding, the spider parenting article was the first really in depth post on a specific subject. These posts are likely to become far more common as I really enjoy writing them and think that they are both more necessary and contain more interesting, better content.
Therefore, stay tuned for more scientific, in depth articles about specific taxa, behaviours and anything else that I find particularly fascinating. It is likely that Arthropods will become the main focus as they’re my biggest passion and they also don’t tend to be covered quite so much, but will also try and get other groups in there as well! Hope you enjoy this change and the posts are of interest to you all.


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    1. Thank you 🙂 i’m glad you like the blog, and I’m very much enjoying my studies. Again, thank you, means a lot.


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