Hey everyone, Firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently, after France I was busy sorting things for my trip to Arizona and getting some University work done. I am currently in Arizona on a Herpetology field trip with my University, I’ve been here since Friday and so far it has been … More Arizona!


Hello, I have now returned from France and am back in England! However, I haven’t finished writing about the wildlife I found out there, so the next few entries will likely still be about the animals that I encountered in France. Once I have completed the South of France posts I will start writing about British … More England!!

Hello world!

Welcome to Zoology Notes: While I live in England, I am currently on holiday in the South of France (Midi pyrenees) where I have been able to find, observe and photograph an awesome variety of animals. Which incidentally is what sparked the idea of this blog. I have been here since the 1st of August … More Hello world!