Steatoda stigma

False Widows everywhere! RUN! … No, no Stop! I am only joking, however this is the view of a great many people around the UK and this is often fueled by the media. Spring is not far around the corner, which means it won’t be long before people start venturing outside again and so it … More Steatoda stigma

Not so guilty Gulls

Gulls have adapted brilliantly to the urban landscape and the presence of humans, so much so that they’re seen virtually everywhere. This has resulted to them, in a way, becoming taken for granted, as they’re often seen as pests, an annoyance and as something of an urban irritant. However, I would have to greatly disagree … More Not so guilty Gulls

Trip to Treborth

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I took a trip to the local botanical gardens at Treborth in search of some amphibians. Due to the mild winter, we went to see if we could spot some of the toads emerging early. Sadly, we did not see any. This is likely to be because … More Trip to Treborth

Arizona Amphibians

Arizona, known for being incredibly hot and dry, not the kind of place you expect to find amphibians. However, during our trip we saw several species (not as many as the trip last year as we did not experience a flood!), so I thought that I would share my two favorite amphibians from Arizona. Couch’s spadefoot … More Arizona Amphibians

Arizona Arachnids

Hey guys, well I am back from Arizona! It was an incredible experience and we saw a remarkable number of species. While the Reptiles and Amphibians were the trips main focus, I found the invertebrates (particularly the Arachnids) fascinating. So I thought I’d kick the Arizona posts off with one about two of my favourite … More Arizona Arachnids


Hey everyone, Firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently, after France I was busy sorting things for my trip to Arizona and getting some University work done. I am currently in Arizona on a Herpetology field trip with my University, I’ve been here since Friday and so far it has been … More Arizona!


Hello, I have now returned from France and am back in England! However, I haven’t finished writing about the wildlife I found out there, so the next few entries will likely still be about the animals that I encountered in France. Once I have completed the South of France posts I will start writing about British … More England!!